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NOTE -- The following list is by no means comprehensive. Lionheart Online welcomes any suggestions of additional Internet resources. Notify us by sending e-mail (with site description and URL) to the Lionheart WebMaker at:

Index of resource types:

New Links
Collier & Associates
An ISO 9000, AS 9000, QS 9000 service company which provides for training, assessments/audits, consulting, and internal auditing services

Process and Control Today — WWW.PANDCT.COM
An industry specific information source for the process, control & manufacturing industries. Providing the latest news daily, case studies, career opportunities, e-commerce, auction arena, 5 comprehensive databases and advanced product finder, associated industry links, exhibitions/seminars and a domain name licensing service. Your problem solver today? Your partner in engineering tomorrow

World Wide Web sites

Organization sites

Best Manufacturing Practices
The United States Navy Best Manufacturing Practices program (established 1985). This web site offers help desk contacts and searchable surveys on-line, and provides information on obtaining technical support and software. Also offers links to other manufacturing sites.

Esprit Programme Homepage
Esprit is the European Union's information technologies RTD program. Their site covers all aspects of the EU's investment and developement in IT, including integration in manufacturing. Resources found at this URL include news on recent Esprit initiatives, contact information, announcements for the upcoming European IT Conference & Exhibition, and a FAQ that is particularly helpful for entities submitting proposals to Esprit.

The Industrial Technology Institute
The Industrial Technology Institute is an independent organization that partners with federal and state government entities, private enterprise, and industry organizations to assist manufacturers in increasing productivity, quality and customer satisfaction. Their sites explores solutions in areas such as manufacturing technology, electronic commerce, quality and performance benchmarking.

National Coalition for Advanced Manufacturing
Information about the National Coalition for Advanced Manufacturing: its leadership and involvement with technology deployment and industrial modernization for American manufacturers.

NCMS Industry Connect
The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences home page. The Center is a consortium of U.S. and Canadian corporations committed to making North American manufacturing globally competitive through development of next- generation manufacturing technologies.

New England Suppliers Institute (NESI)
NESI's website sets out to facilitate improvement of customer-supplier relations among small and large manufacturers in the New England region. The site describes the benefits and services of NESI membership, and provides information about becoming a member.

Site for the Simulation Software Vendors Association, offering information to prospective buyers of simulation technology. Resources include membership information, a member directory, buyers guide, and calendar of events.

Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Details about the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, e.g., its conferences, courses, clinics, membership and on-line manufacturing network.

The Tooling & Manufacturing Association
The Tooling & Manufacturing Association (TMA) is a Chicago area association of tooling, machining, special machine, component part and supplier companies. TMA is known for its Related Theory Program for tool & die, mold and precision machining apprentices. The association also offers 70 different continuing education courses and seminars. Other primary services include employee benefits, marketing support, legislative & public affairs and promotion of careers in manufacturing.
Resource sites
ERPFans is a gateway site for ERP resources on the internet. The site features: forums and chat rooms, links to ERP news sources, ERP vendor profiles, articles on various ERP products, and much more.

The ERPSuperSite features information on leading Enterprise Resource Planning products and services. Resources include: news from leading ERP vendors forums and chat groups, ERP company financials, and reports from leading analysts. The site is maintianed by Techra - Technology Research Associates.

Inventory Control Forum
A new and growing resource page for inventory control information. Included are lists of other Web sites and recommended reading.

Manufacturing and Processing
World Wide Web manufacturing issues, i.e., how the Internet is being used by the manufacturing community, plus information on engineering and quality control, and numerous links to other manufacturing web sites.

Government sites
Agile Manufacturing
Information on manufacturing, engineering and products development, sponsored by the Agile Manufacturing pilot project at Sandia National Laboratories. Offers links to related sites in Europe and North America, in addition to desktop tools, news and publication links.

The Wright Laboratory Manufacturing Technology Directorate
The Wright Laboratory is responsible for management and execution of the Air Force Industrial Preparedness Programs in Industrial Base Analysis and Manufacturing Technology. This website provides information on the program's various divisions, contents from the Program Status Report, documents on various Aerospace intelligent manufacturing solutions, and links to other manufacturing technology sites.

Manufacturing Automation and Design Engineering (MADE)
Information on the National Institute of Standards and Technology's MADE program and its potential for manufacturers.

Manufacturing Extension Partnership
The Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) is a partnership of the U.S. Department of Commerce, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and a network of affiliated service providers throughout the country. This web site details the MEP by providing news and other pertinent information for manufacturers, in addition to offering connections to MEP centers around the United States.
Commercial sites
Advanced EDI & Bar Coding
This company offers EDI and Bar Coding solutions. Go to their site to find out about their services, seminars and their free e-mail newsletter, EDI & Bar Coding News.

Advanced Manufacturing Research, Inc.
Information about the Advanced Manufacturing Research group and its analysis and research services to the manufacturing community. Also provides executive summaries, alerts and reports.

Automation Research Corporation
Automatic Research Corporation (ARC) is a market research firm specializing in industrial automation. This site includes synopses of ARC's market studies (on topics such as manufacturing software, control systems, device networks and field devices), as well as strategy forums, in which leaders from automation suppliers and end users discuss key automation technologies and strategies. Information on registration for upcoming forums is included.

Azalea Software, Inc.
Azalea Software sells TrueType bar code and OCR fonts for use with Microsoft Windows. Their site includes The Bar Code Frequently Asked Questions. Visitors may download demos to see how to make high quality bar code.

Bar Coding and ADCS
The web site for bar code and automatic data collection systems (ADCS) definers, designers and users. This site offers information on education and reference resources, applications and implementation information, industry news and events, and industry organization and trade associations.

Information about CAPS LOGISTICS' decision support software. This software covers such logistics issues as route planning, supply chain analysis, shipment planning and dynamic dispatching. Details about the company, upcoming events and newsletters are also provided.

Sponsored by IBM and Dassault Systemes, this site details CATIA/CADAM Solutions offerings in mechanical design, analysis and simulation, manufacturing, AEC plant, and infrastructure. Products and contact information, along with customer support, is also available.

The Center for Inventory Management
The Center for Inventory Management is dedicated to providing educational and consulting services to industry, focusing on improved customer service, reduced inventory investment, and increased productivity. The "Inventory Management" newsletter is also available at this web site.

Information technology database and services for design and manufacturing. This Internet-based database offers information on analysis and consulting services directed at those organizations using information technology (IT) in the design and manufacturing environment.

The Coalition for Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (CIMS)
CIMS is an association composed of individual U.S. manufacturers, trade associations, and manufacturing consortia who are interested or are involved in advanced manufacturing systems. The Coalition's goal is to promote and facilitate U.S. industry participation in IMS projects.

Collaborative Planning Cafe
Sponsored by Enterprise Planning Systems, this site is set up for discussion of EPS' Collaborative Planning. Topics of discussion deal with such manufacturing issues as scheduling, simulation, optimization and MRPII.

The Connecticut Manufacturer's Resource Center
The Connecticut Manaufacturer's Resource Center web site offers association news, including legislative agendas and bulletins; a directory of manufacturers; information about the resource center; help in finding manufacturing solutions; international, government and university resources; training programs; a bulletin board; a publications listing; and manufacturing links.

COSS Software
COSS Software's web site includes a Q&A forum, in which visitors may submit questions regarding COSS systems and accounting and technical issues. COSS publishes manufacturing support software for machine shop and manufacturing facilities.

Daratech, Inc.
Daratech, Inc. is a market research and technology assessment firm specializing in CAD/CAM, CAE, EDM/PDM, CIM and computer graphics. This site provides information on their various publications and conferences.

DCD Corporation
Providers of business management software for job shops and custom manufacturers. Site offers company & information, demos, industry news, employment opportunities, and a way to request more information.

Division details its products and services in story format on its Web site. Covered in the Division "story" are the basic ideas behind CAD/CAM modeling, along with the impacts and benefits of such technologies. Contacts to the company's offices are also provided.

EMTUG European Manufacturing Technology Users Group
EMTUG European Manufacturing Technology Users Group is a pan-European User Group which provides its members with advice, information and access to consultation about the application of existing and upcoming ICT (information and communications technology) for manufacturing and process industries - especially MMS (the Manufacturing Messaging Specification ISO 9506).

Enterprise Planning Systems Inc.
Enterprise Planning Systems develops fast manufacturing groupware that works with any installed MRPII system. This web site offers information on the company, its products and services.

ESI/Technologies, Inc.
ESI/Technologies, Inc. is a provider of Oracle based manufacturing solutions. Their site features information on the eMIS/2000 software line as well as downloadable demos and interactive presentations.

The Extension-Oriented Customer Service Software Co.
The Extension-Oriented Customer Service Software Co. provides approaches for creating an integrated, closed loop, service, logistics and product improvement environment. They also offer software customization for engineering, manufacturing, distributing, servicing and re-engineering. This site lists the company's product offerings, news, white papers and licensing, as well as company and support information.

iEdI: Internet EDI
This site is a clearinghouse of links to other Internet based Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) resources. The links are broken down into useful categories such as "Basic EDI," "Global ED" and " Looking for employment in the EDI field?"

The ILOG Web site details the company's product offerings for resource allocation, scheduling, dataflow control, component integration, distributed computing, database connectivity and protoype development. Information about the company, its training programs, partners and trade show schedules is also available.

Industrysearch is a search engine for use by purchasing agents, maintenance, engineers and others to pinpoint manufacturing companies and/or industrial suppliers or service companies in the United States. Includes over 320,000 manufacturing companies and 200,000 service companies, wholesalers and distributors.

INMASS/MRP Software for Manufacturing
This site features extensive product information for The Stratford Group Inc.'s manufacturing and accounting software package, INMASS/MRP. Visitors to the site can also access press releases, contact the company and find information on the numerous modules available for use with INMASS/MRP.

InterTrans Logistics Solutions
InterTrans Logistics Solutions develop client/server supply chain management software applications. The site contains information on The Venture(tm) software suite as well corporate profiles and career opportunities.

JBA International, Inc.
JBA International provides business software, including JBA System 21. This site lets you take the "euro tour" to find out how your business could be affected by the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). In addition, it provides links to other euro information sources on the web.

John A. Keane and Associates -- Computer Integrated Quality Solutions
This site details Kean and Associates' QMS Program for ISO/QS 9000 compliance and its CIMQuality virtual reality software for hands-on experience managing an ISO/QS 9000-compliant plant.

Corporate and product information for this supplier of comprehensive turnkey manfacturing programs, focusing on customer satisfaction and world-class manufacturing. Product offerings include electronic commerce solutions.

Manufacturing Marketplace
A web site for professionals in the manufacturing industry. It features a comprehensive database of manufacturers, distributors, products and new products, news feed from Lexis-Nexis, content from 12 industry manufacturing publications, the manufacturing professional.

McCabe & Associates
McCabe & Associates' site offers information on their line of tools for software testing, metrics, and reverse engineering. Along with contact information visitors will also find tech support FAQs, a client list, information on training, seminars and consulting as well as applications for Year 2000 solutions.

Information for manufacturers about software, computers, other manufacturers, job shops, suppliers, services and machine tools. Also offers on-line discussion groups, classifieds, industry resources and manufacturing articles.

Metrscope provides statistical process control systems for manufacturing environments. This Web page offers information about the company's solutions, products, services and support.

Numetrix offers integrated hierarchical supply chain management solutions. This Web site details the company's supply chain solution, support services, success stories, press releases, a calendar of events and a listing of partners.

Micro 2000
Micro 2000 provides diagnostic hardware and software. Their site features an online newsletter ("Micro 2000 Technician") and a government services department for special pricing. Other features include Year 2000 Solutions — freeware to test your system for Year 2000 compatibility — and PC technician certification courses on CD-ROM.

Online Engineer
This site is an online resource for manufacturing sectors in the United Kingdom. A quick search lets you browse information by names of organizations or by specific categories. Companies, organizations or institutions within U.K. manufacturing sectors may add a listing at no cost.

The Operational Excellence Forum
The Operational Excellence Forum's site offers information about reengineering manufacturing companies, with emphasis on the process of implementing ERP or MRP II. The site offers information on the Forum's courses and consultancy services in manufacturing oriented business processes, software selection and more. Also available are articles on capacity strategies, education, inventory strategies and more.

The OpExForum Report is a newsletter published by The Operational Excellence Forum, a virtual organization of manufacturing industry experts that focus on the effective implementation of MRP, JIT, and other continuous improvement programs needed to achieve operational excellence.

Palisade Corporation
This site features information about Palisade's software; demos for downloading; an on-line order form and registration for customers; and a Technical Support section including a database that users can search to find answers to common questions and problems, as well as the most recent patches to their software. Palisade also offers newsletters, press releases, and technical papers using Adobe Acrobat files.

The Practical Application Company
This UK based company conducts a number of conferences focusing on the application of information technologies. Their site lists upcoming events in Europe and Britian as well as information on past conferences. Topics of future conferences include: intelligent agents, data mining and constraint management technology.

ProfitKey International
ProfitKey International makes Advanced Planning and Scheduling solutions, providing job shops and custom manufacturers with a real-time ERP system. Their sites features product information for Rapid Response Manufacturing(R) Client/Server and the Rapid Response Manufacturing(R) classic system. Also found on the site is customer support information, press releases, new product announcements, job postings and an online demonstration of Rapid Response Manufacturing Client/Server.

R. Michael Donovan & Co.
R. Michael Donovan & Co. is a management consulting and education firm that provides services to manufacturers worldwide. Their site includes many complimentary articles and checklists on subjects such as cycle time reduction, ERP, supply chain management, inventory reduction and flow manufacturing.

Rodex Manufacturing Technology Showcase
A listing of Rodex's offerings, including products for automated material handling, industrial materials and processes, manufacturing automation software, system integration, design and services, computer vision and sensors, machine tool controllers, and special purpose machinery and robotics.

Sapling Corporation
Sapling Corporation's site offers information on its entire line of business-oriented, software-aided planning tools. Vistors can find product and service information, descriptions of training workshops, high-profile user success stories, FAQs about Saplings's products, and much more.

The Sarbrook Co.
The Sarbrook Co.'s web site details the firm's offerings, which are designed to help companies employ systems which integrate the sources and distribution of information within the company. Information about Sarbrook's WinSPEX software, clients, configuration capabilities and case histories is also available.

SBS Manufacturing Management Software
SBS offers an integrated manufacturing and distribution system for the industrial environment. It interfaces with RealWorld Accounting as a complete business information system. The software can be used by make-to-order, make-to-stock, assemble-to-order, repetitive, and mixed mode manufacturers.

Supply Chain Solutions
Focusing on improving profitability through improved customer service levels and better inventory management processes, Supply Chain Solutions provides process redesign, training and software support for the manufacturing and distribution industries. Areas of expertise include demand planning, inventory management and planning, vendor managed inventory,distribution network development and appropriate use of technology.

Symix Systems, Inc.
Symix's site offers information about e-business, supply chain and enterprise management software and services for midsize manufacturers of discrete products. Site content includes Symix product news, customer success stories and online demos.

User Solutions, Inc.
User Solutions' web site features the company's affordable and easy-to-use manufacturing software. Information about the company, its products and services are provided in a forum that permits downloading of sample items. Links to related sites are also offered.

Visual Manufacturing
This web site details the company's manufacturing planning and control software, specifically designed to take advantage of client/server, relational database and Microsoft Windows GUI technology. Demo versions of the software are downloadable from this site.
Educational sites
The Center for Collaborative Manufacturing
Cross-disciplinary center dedicated to research and education in manufacturing. With National Science Foundation support, the Center for Collaborative Manufacturing works on innovations in product and process realization technologies, and in the ways of collaborating to achieve them.

Design and Manufacturing Institute
The Design and Manufacturing Institute at the Carnegie Laboratory of Engineering offers hands-on training for automated concurrent engineering, rapid prototyping, materials analysis, on-line process control, and computer-aided manufacturing.

Flexible Ensemble Manufacturing
Information about new supply network production scheduling paradigm that will result in higher level of performance in agile and efficient control of production across supply networks.

Hyper Process Knowledge Base Project
Project at the University of Tokyo to build methodology of sharing knowledge about manufacturing processes via computer networks.

Manufacturing Information Solutions
A listing of business, communication, professional, education, government and news information web sites of interest to the manufacturer.

Rapid Prototyping and Desktop Manufacturing
Information about rapid prototyping and desktop manufacturing technologies at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. Also has links to related sites.


NOTE -- You must have access to a USENET news server to view these resources. sci.engr.manufacturing - discussion of manufacturing technology (including software solutions and automation) as well as other issues pertaining to manufacturing professions.

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